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Quality websites to let your organisation reach its target

* Every business needs a web site. Because of our open and flexible development model, Cellform is able to draw upon existing resources to provide a web site which is cost effective, yet unique to your business. If you are an international business, we can arrange for your website to be translated into foreign languages, and for your site to automatically appear in the language of your audience.

* We ensure that websites developed by us are accessible on all platforms, including mobile devices and those with text-only browsers. We do not rely on Javascript for our websites. All web sites developed by Cellform conform to the relevant W3C consortium standards, and to the spirit of the Any Browser campaign.

* You may choose to host the finished web site yourself. Alternatively, Cellform can provide a hosting service for you at very reasonable rates. Email and domain names can also be set up for you. Discuss your requirements with us and we'll find the right options for you.

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