Cellform - Technology for people

Cost effective software development to your requirements.

* Software is the most flexible product of engineering. When a program does almost-but-not-quite what you want, it can be changed to fit your needs. Cellform has access to skilled programmers who can make the changes you require. Any software, for which the source code is available and when permitted by the licence can be modified by our team, at a fraction of the price of developing a new application.

Sometimes, a seemingly unrelated program can be re-targeted to perform a novel task. If you have need of a computer tool but don't know of any similar package talk to us. We can suggest something which might be available to do the job.

* Many of our customers are happy to release the changes to the wider public, and therefore benefit further improvements by third parties. Others prefer to keep the work within their own organisation. Because Cellform develops software under free licences, our customers have the option to release the derivative work or to keep it private. We avoid technology encumbered by patents so as not to create future problems for our clients.

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