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Success stories

We are proud to have been part of numerous projects. Here is a selection of some of the work we have undertaken

Output file format update and extension

The client was using PSPP, to generate files which could be read by their customers using proprietary software. Due to an older version of the output file format, the existing software was limited to generating variable names of only 8 characters, none of which could be non-English or accented characters.

Cellform was able to provide the necessary modifications, so that variables names of arbitrary length could be accepted and in any language. In this instance, the client chose to exercise their right to contribute the changes back to the PSPP project. In this way, maintenance could be continued by the project developers instead of under contract to Cellform.

Scriptable file access

The client had an in-house software program for generating results of customer surveys. A new project required the very rapid generation of results in PSPP format. Since the PSPP project was not able to write files synchronously, and unacceptable delay was experienced before the results became available.

The client wished to keep control over their system, but did not want to be encumbered with the upkeep of the new interface. The board decided on a compromise; the library was released into the PSPP project, but the system was kept in-house.

Website design

Our Australian client asked us create a website for them. Here is the result.

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