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Modern communication reaches all cultures. Our localisation services help to make it accessible as well as available.

Software Translation.

* End user software applications need to be in the language of the user. Most such applications are however display their output, and accept input in English. Cellform provides a service to localise the user interface to the language of your choice. We can also provide advice on cultural aspects of your site to prevent potential misunderstandings in the target community.

Web Translation.

* To complement our web design service, we can arrange for the text of a new, or existing website to be translated from one language to another. If you have audio-visual material, at your option, we can provide subtitles or a synchronized sound track in other languages.

* We use translators who are fluent in the target language, so that a natural sounding experience is afforded to the audience. Languages with non-Latin alphabets and in right-to-left systems can be accommodated. Costs vary according to the language concerned and the extent of the strings to be translated.

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