Cellform Development is a division of Cellform UG, a company registered in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Working with Cellform

Cellform is a service based company. Our permanent staff comprise exclusively managerial and administrative personnel. We use skilled contract developers, translators and technicians to work with our clients, under the general supervision of the management.

We are keen to receive your resume, if you have skills in languages, software development or electronics or graphic design. Expressions of interest should be sent by email to jobs@cellform.com There is no set format for applications. It is up to you to convince us of your suitability. However please note the following:

  • Applications must be written in English.
  • The first three characters in the subject line of your email must be XJ and a space – This way we see that you are a person who reads instructions, and that your email is not spam.
  • A photograph of yourself is not necessary, and sending one may even be regarded unfavourably.
  • Emails in with attachments in word for windows format will be discarded unread.

Your details will be kept for 18 months. During which time, if there is a contract which fits your skills you will be contacted.

Currently there are no open permanant positions with Cellform.

We accept personal applications only. Under no circumstances will Cellform be liable for agent fees for any person hired by us.

Cellform works almost exclusively with freelance contractors. You will be required to maintain regular electronic contact, probably by VOIP. We do not care (or even want to know) about your gender, race, marital status etc.

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