Cellform - Technology for people

Custom solutions to individual needs, which you control

In today's high-tech world, consumers and businesses alike often find themselves at the mercy of the company which supplies and manages their software. Software is the world's most controllable technology provided the source code is available. Unlike other consultants, Cellform's business model guarantees that clients keep control of the products and services they purchase.

* We believe in openness and a fair deal for our clients. We want repeat business because of satisfied clients, not because of subservient ones. That is why we provide the complete and corresponding source code for all our contract designs. At the conclusion of the contract, our customers have the choice to use our services again, to maintain the software themselves, or to engage a competitor. We strive, however to provide a cost-effective, professional service to win our customers' trust.

* Because of a comprehensive base of existing technology, code can often be devised by re-using solutions from similar projects, and thus saving the client a large part of the development costs. This is possible because of the licensing terms which allow copying, reuse and derivative works for all our projects.

Cellform was founded to provide ethical commercial development services, to institutions, businesses and individuals. We believe that business is a partnership, not an autocracy.

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