Cellform Development is a division of Cellform UG, a company registered in the Federal Republic of Germany.

About Cellform Development

Mission Statement

Cellform is a start-up business which provides cost effective software and IT development, maintenance and associated services. We treat clients as allies, providing them with a trusted partner and the economics of an external supplier. We develop software and similar works to our clients' needs without subjecting the client to vendor-lock in or imposing legal or technical restrictions on the use of deliverables.

Cellform recognises the contribution of the FOSS community in the advancement of computer technology. We are proud to be able to collaborate with the developers of numerous free software projects. We also recognise, however that at times, volunteer efforts are insufficient to achieve commercial goals. We provide the bridge between the volunteer effort and industrial requirements.

Quality Commitment

Software development by us is tested according to ISTQB recommended procedures. Wherever possible, we ship automated tests with the delivered product, that clients can run and prove for themselves. User interface software is tested by at least one team independent of the programmer.

Terms and Conditions

Our precise terms and conditions vary according to the nature of the contract, and the stakeholders concerned. Typically we work under one of the following general provisions:

  • We hold the copyright in the works we produce, and provide a perpetual non-exclusive licence to the client. In such cases, we often decide to transfer the copyright to an independent holding institution.
  • The client holds the copyright in the deliverables, and provides us a perpetual licence.

Other arrangements are also possible. Our general guidelines when negotiating such an agreement will be to allow us continue to use our experience to help other businesses and industry partners.

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